Beuaty Blenders and Lashes for Cheap

April 27, 2017

 Lashes for the low low
Beauty blenders, give you an airbrush finish, make your foundation looks like skin. But why pay $20.00 for one if you can purchase 4 for $12.00. we have so many alternative brands that carry them, but nothing compare to the fill of the original beauty blender. I found these beauty blenders by Beauty Junkies, and I must say great price point 4 for $12.00. I purchased them off amazon. And I must say, they are very soft, doesn’t hold much water. Half the price of one for four beauty sponges, great buy. And Everyone’s loves drama when it comes to eyelashes. These lashes were all over You Tube, I just had to try them out they came from overseas, fast shipping. Easy to apply and …. Wait for it…. .39 cents. A pack that’s right beauty on a Budget.

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