When Life Takes Over: Aniexty and Depression

May 10, 2017

Anxiety and depression is very common these days. Everyone is either struggling weather it's finically emotionally or health. Well for me sometimes it can be everyday stress. I suffer with severe anxiety. It started over 2 years ago. Dealing with my son anger issues over time it set in, and working in an unstable job.  Mother and Father up in age and finding out my brother is sick. Then on top of that, feeling  like your over worked and under paid feeling belittled as an employee .  It started with heart palpitations , and wanting to hurt someone, preferably the owner of the company. I started meditation . Reading a book called The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding , and Joy in every moment by Tzivia Gover. Which helped me to balance out everything around me. Let's not mention taking medication also. I would say it helps me to keep my mouth shut. Lol. It helped me from saying out loud what I really wanted to. Suppressing the problem.  I found another job. Thank god. With a move to a old but new city, new job, learning the job comes added stress. Kids are in college one away and one at home you would things get better. NOT. I noticed that my hair is falling out. Every day is a struggle, I've been in worst situations before so losing hair doesn't bother me. But at what price does your sanity comes. So back to Meditation I go. It work wonders, find yourself a quiet corner, no noise and sit Indian style, close your eyes. And breath.

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